TLRH isn’t a race, it is a challenge and that is important: in a race there is only one winner, people race against someone. In a challenge cyclists fight their mind and body, finishing within the time limit is the goal. Finding food, water and carefully planning the route are all part of the challenge and might prove vital. That being said, when the battle with your mind is over, there is always the question “how did I do?”, so there is time registration.


  1. Riders ride from start to finish visiting all checkpoints, there is no predetermined sequence in which the checkpoints should be visited.
  2. The event is unsupported: riders can not have any outside assistance other than what is commercially available or accessible for every other rider.
  3. Any type of drafting is prohibited, unless you ride in a pair.
  4. All forward travel over land must be made with human power.
  5. The use of ferries is allowed.
  6. Riders are responsible for proving they visited the checkpoint. 
  7. Riders follow the road rules at any time.
  8. In low visibility conditions reflective gear is highly recommended. While not enforced by law, we do ask to wear a helmet.
  9. The goal is to finish the event within 24 hours. 


We are currently working on having a reliable tracking solution and will keep you updated.


TLRH is strongly inspired by the worldfamous Transcontinental Race. It’s aim is to be more accessible both timewise as effortwise, yet offer a similar level of adventure. To achieve this the events checkpoints are chosen to allow cyclists to use B-roads or biketrails, allowing for great views and wonderfully silent nights.

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