So you think you are up for it? That is great, than register!  Be aware that to safeguard the spirit of the event (notably riding solo or in a duo for an extended amount of time without any support) we limit the number of riders. We start with 50 places. After that registrations will be closed.


We received 50 registrations in a record time!
We will now stop registrations, and evaluate whether we can accommodate more.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm 😍🙏



As you might have heard by now, we will increase the amount of available places to 75. To prevent this becoming a clicking competition, we have made a registration page. On august 23th we will randomly select as much people from the resulting list as we have available places (we are also receiving cancellations). If later on more places become available we will use the same list to fill those spots. So, register here!